I always used to think Autumn was a season of romance. Cool crisp air that greets you like a long lost lover. That warm feeling when you are wrapped up well in your thickest of thick coat….its like receiving a lovely hug. The anticipation of good times to roll by as you wait in a queue for your steaming mug of coffee. The excitement of being curled up near the radiator with a book in hand. The sudden urge to pen a novel, a screenplay, go abroad for Christmas markets or simply looking forward to meeting up with a favourite friend for breakfast at the weekend. 

For me the romance of Autumn stopped after 19 years of age. Then it was the cool and youthful Summer that whisked me away. Much like Freddie Prinze jnr of the early noughties. It was a refreshing kind of love. Now a lifetime later, I hit full circle with Autumn. My long lost lover comes back with sepia filled nostalgia of the yester year. Oh to be 19 and relive that moment again when I opened the window and looked down to Autumn waving a hello at me. I am not young anymore. I don’t feel like Juliet anymore. But its good to live in retrospect at times. It’s what keeps us going. Keeps us from keeling over willingly. Autumn is like an………..anchor. At best of times.

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