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Best small bags for travelling

Best small bags for travelling makes for perfect travel companions

Great thing about travelling is we learn how to do better for next time. For me, it has been a learning experience with travelling bags. As a result, I have gone through bags whose strap snapped half-way through a holiday, losing contents, too small, too big, not doubling up as day and night bag, and so on. I believe, the more an experienced traveller you become, coupled with tips you read on other peoples’ travel blogs, help you make better choices for next time. In the slider below, are some of the best small bags for travelling that will make perfect companion on your every travel.

While this post is about small carry-on bags, I believe the same travel experience extends to suitcases, clothes, and gadgets.On my rail journey from Budapest to Barcelona, I faced a struggle bringing my large 4 wheeler suitcase with me. Regardless, the trip made me realise what kind of packing bag is suitable for rail journeys.

Anyway, coming back to this post…

While out shopping, I came across some of the best small bags for travelling – with some I have used previously in my travels. And so I believe it is worth investing in a good shoulder/crossover bag/backpack, which can be used again and again. You don’t want to be forking over a new bag each time you travel. If you have time, go and try out the bags for size in stores. Sometimes what looks good online, might not look right on you, i.e straps being too long or not long enough. It is also best to keep in mind how much space you will need in your bag. When I buy a bag, I always make sure I have enough space for all my in-flight vitals, as well as for city sightseeing (which include a guidebook and a small notepad).

Therefore, I believe whatever your style or budget, the bags in the slider are just some of the examples to inspire you 🙂

With a front zipped compartment, you won't be fiddling around in your bag looking for your train/bus ticket or even your hotel room key.It also has a slide pocket on the back side, perfect to store city map.
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