Birthdays that fall on weekdays aren’t usually much fun, especially if it falls on a Monday. And on top of this, the weather had been atrociously wicked. With sub zero temperature and high winds, it was impossible to cajole enthusiasm to spend time outside of the house. I got dressed, wearing my best coat and hand bag and then off I went to a picturesque little town called Windsor. Well lets face it, Central London would have been a bad idea and here’s why. I struggled to get to the train station,  walking against the windy current. I almost got blown away if it hadn’t been for my sturdy yet stylish coat holding me down like an anchor. While walking I asked myself out aloud, why I bothered to get out of the house and the other voice replied quite curtly: ‘well I am going to get that darned coffee even if it kills me!’

I spent my time in a coffee house drinking  caramelatte. I spent my time in a musical daze, listening to videogames by Lana Del Rey on repeat. I tuned out the outside noise and the hubbub of peoples’ conversations with music. Then I went to the bookstore, mentally noting books I want to buy with the birthday vouchers I had received. Conveniently, I had forgotten my vouchers at home. Bah!

I thought of Prague. Yes, Prague the city, not a person named Prague (not that there is anybody by that name, but then again I wouldn’t be so surprised if there is). I thought about it a lot, even heard the sounds of the oncoming tram in my head and the Old Town visuals. I am making that trip again but I wondered what it would have been like had I been there today. Would I be spending the day traipsing around in Old Town with my camera, taking gazillion pictures and then grabbing lunch at Wencaslas square? Or would I be spending the day writing my 16th C novel in the comforts of my warm hotel room? I wouldn’t know, but brrr today was cold and I couldn’t wait to get home and thaw out.

Birthdays give me a sugar high in forms of sweet laden messages from everybody that knows me or don’t know me. It is the one day where I have to be terribly nice to everyone and say thank yous like I had just received an Oscar for best actress. I do enjoy the attention and get mildly sad when the day is almost over. Then it is time for the princess to turn back into Cinderella the following day….and become somebody blending back into the dark obscurity.

I still have four and a bit hours left to enjoy, so I will sign out. Ciao!

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