Some people have the warmest smiles ever; its like a mixture of  maternal instinct, summer sunshine and a happiest golden retriever ever!  Its a kind of smile that says ‘this person is so lovely and approachable’ and a magnet that draws people in.

It is the warmest smiles received in life that I remember the most when it comes to remembering people. I am most likely to remember those big wide sunshiney smiles that made me feel so good. We can easily pick out people who have genuine warm smiles and those who smile because it is a courteous trait.

I wish more people would learn to smile; in public places; at small children; at elderly; at beautiful strangers and towards helpful people. Smile is beautiful and contagious. I always try to smile at small children and elderly, as a sign of encouragement (to former) and respect (latter). When we smile more, we make the world, a place with better and positive attitude. I think we also make it a little safe.

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