I imagine sitting somewhere, drinking foreign coffee and listening to Andrea Bocelli songs playing in the background. Being totally lost in the world of his soothing voice, mellow music and meaningful lyrics. There’s something about him that makes all my worldly problems disappear for a while and make foreign coffee taste like its the best I have had in ages.

He tells me of a wonderful world that exist in my imagination. A beautiful small cafe in the courtyard of a quiet little town of Prague or maybe Rome. A sunny afternoon outside, the rays peering through the cafe windows and hitting the creaky wooden floor, right in front of me. I am sitting by myself and I am not concerned about my loneliness amidst the quiet murmurs of people around me. No one notice my loneliness or me for that matter. But that is okay. I am lost in the wonderful world of my own. I am happy. I feel happy seeing the rays hitting the wonderful creaky wooden floor. I feel happy sitting in my pretty frock, drinking the best coffee I’ve ever had.

I fit well into the crowd. You couldn’t spot me for a foreigner who doesn’t understand the lyrics to the songs being played, unless you spoke to me. My dark brown hair that I have carefully grown, cascade down the warm back of mine. I play with a few hair strands that fall to the side of my face. I feel like I am being serenaded and romanced by the mellow songs of Andrea Bocelli. I feel so special and at peace. It is one of the best moments of my life. Feeling like this and being in this moment.

As the song ends, I am forced to open my eyes. I sigh quite sadly as my room welcomes me back from my quiet daydreams.