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Hello September

There’s something brooding about this month. Like an anticipation for something to happen. A sudden change in the weather, a cool breeze that feels different to the ones you have felt this summer, and a certain melancholy yet perfection in the way sun sets.

Even though there’s still light, shadow of an incoming winter lingers patiently in the background. It disguises itself through subtle changing of hues in nature.  

It’s a feeling that is sensed through the season’s changing of guard, from the end of summer to the beginning of autumn. And through a renewed belief of starting afresh.

When September rolls in, I pause and take a breather. Sometimes I work almost nonstop for eight months of the year, only to take a break in the latter months.

It’s also a perfect month to restart anything that may have slowed down during the year, such as taking a look at my bookshelves and reminding myself to read more.

September is a pretty month, with amazing orange hued sunsets and crisp air. If September had official colours, it would be orange, yellow, and earthy brown.

It is my comfort month, where I would find myself indulging in the reruns of the Gilmore Girls or start a new one, like The Vampire Diaries. I can’t help but marvel at how places like, Stars Hollow and Mystic Falls represent picture perfect autumnal towns. No matter how fictional.

September has a small town vibe that embraces autumn with passion and where everybody, no matter how big or small their problem is, can find solutions in hot beverages and good company.

I would love to live in a pretty town where pumpkins of all sizes adorn the front porches of residential homes, and where fallen leaves are aesthetically placed on the side of the pavements, under the trees, and sprinkled generously across the park lawns.

Unlike other months, September is pretty down to earth. It carries none of the pomp and grandeur (here’s looking at you, December). It’s a low-key predecessor to October, which has always been a fan favourite.  

Well, we are half way through the month and I feel quite sad. I wish that time would stop on this very date so that we could have September for a while.

Happy Fall, y’all!

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