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Kakul Ehsan Butt

The Cove

by Alice Clark-Platts

Imagine an escape room style atmosphere set in a secluded island and with two expat couples who don’t know each other that well, spending a long weekend together. Each chapter is titled after the four main characters (the expat couples), indicating to the readers whose turn it is for POV moment. Those POV moments allow readers to find out what the character is thinking about others. From these POV moments, we learn about the mistrust, simmering tension between the two couples, and the mystery surrounding the luxurious resort they are staying at.
None of the characters are likeable and I think this is a deliberate attempt by the author to force the readers to keep to an objective viewpoint and keeping the characters at an arm’s length.
It is a quick book to get into, making it a perfect holiday read and offering readers a lot of page turning moments. It has an ending that surprises its readers. Certainly a book you can devour within two days.

Ps. I love the book cover!

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