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Jewish Quarter In Prague

Jewish Quarter in Prague carries a turbulent history and there are so many stories attached to this place. Fortunately, the area was left alone during WWII. Today, there are so many artefacts to be found in the museum and synagogues that are worth checking out. The area is quite beautiful and perfect for strolling around with a cup of coffee in hand.

Before 19th Century, this area used to be a ghetto and Jews were only allowed to build 2 story houses. They weren’t allowed to move elsewhere in Prague and remained confined here in this quarter. Today, this is one of the most affluent areas in Prague.

Okay pay attention here…The two clocks on top of this building and then see the next picture

The clock on the left is in Hebrew – and one of its kind. You will never find another clock like this anywhere else in the world

Old Jewish cemetery. What you see here is clustered and cluttered tombstones. There is a reason for it…..Jewish people believe that a dead person should never be forgotten…so when there were no spaces….bodies were buried above each other…however their tombstones remained in place…thus ensuring they were not forgotten


Ceremonial Hall….where they prepare for funerals and burials

Old – New Jewish Synagogue.

The Old – New Jewish Synagogue. The Jewish Museum is one of its kind, having the largest collection of Judaica in the world in Europe

Spanish synagogue

Maisel synagogue

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