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The Man In The Bunker

By Rory Clements

A speculative fiction that simmers with suspense and brooding mystery will be a treat to anyone who enjoys historical fiction of post-world war nature. Though it does not present a unique concept for a storyline, it offers to rejuvenate a tired concept and turning it into an indulgent page turning adventure. The storyline is set in the aftermath of WWII, with two men seeking out Adolf Hitler who is rumoured to be alive.

I was hooked after the first chapter, which dove straight into action and leaving me curious to learn the fate of the introductory characters. After that, the rest of the chapters settled down, bubbling suspensefully on low heat. At the end of each chapter, there is either a cliff-hanger or a moment of truth, which tempted me many times to read just one more chapter.

The storyline takes place in scenic, yet atmospheric Bavaria where villagers harbour dangerous secrets. This leads the two men in search of Hitler, into an entangled web of deceit and lies. It has that old timey post war/cold war feel where the dialogues are cut to the point, indicating a sense of urgency and where the male characters are brusque and war weary. The author avoided meandering into subplots, strictly keeping the main plot simple, speculative, dangerous, and dark.

It was a good read, leaving me feeling satiated with satisfaction.

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