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The Burnout

By Sophie Kinsella

Mild spoilers

This is an enemies to lovers romcom, of two people who first meet on a train and form a terrible first impression of each other. Then they meet again at the seaside resort they are staying at, and slowly warm to each other through their shared childhood connection to the resort. As the title suggest, both are feeling burnt out in their respective careers and decide to help each other, with Sasha encouraging Finn to continue with therapy. The story is easy-going, and aside from the enemies to lovers theme, the couple find themselves solving a mystery of who is leaving notes and gifts around the beach. It turns out everything has a connection to them.

The book offers plenty of chuckles and a relatable scenario about work. I immediately understood Sasha feeling burnt out, having been in that situation myself. I was grateful for the author tackling this subject with a perfectly balanced humour. It was heartening to see Sasha whose life was spiralling out of control at the start of the book, to becoming somebody who was finally in control.

It’s a good recommendation for anyone wishing a quick light hearted read and is a fan of Sophie Kinsella or even light comedy.

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