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Rachael Weiss books on Prague

Memoirs of Prague

While searching on Amazon UK for books on Prague, I came across two books by Rachael Weiss. Both books serve as memoirs of Rachael’s time living in Prague as an ex-pat. The first book, “Me, Myself & Prague” is her first time uprooting her life from Australia to Prague. The second book, “The thing about Prague”, is her return to Prague.

I relate to her on some levels. She writes like somebody who understands what’s it like to be stuck in a rut in their daily grind called life. When she takes a leap of faith and jumps aboard a plane to Prague, it feels liberating. But be warned, this is not some fairy-tale, even though it is sprinkled with magical fairy dust. I can tell how much Rachael loves Prague by reading her memoirs, but I can also sense cautionary signs.

The idea of living abroad…

It is so much easier to fall in love with the idea of living abroad, isn’t it? We all like to imagine what that would be like. I have always fancied myself as a writer, living in one of those old art nouveau buildings nestling on the edge of the Parisian centre. Having fresh coffee and croissants in a quaint café, while I watch the world go by also propped into my mind a few times. I also did imagine it wouldn’t afford the luxuries I enjoy back home in London, but I would be content anyway. Rachael had imagined all of this when she thought about her big move to Prague. She knew she would face obstacles but it wasn’t until she was there that she realised the reality that awaited her.

But despite it all, she found adventures worth writing about. She made friends with locals and ex-pat community, who provided her with wonderful insights about living in Prague. In the end, after meandering through an endless labyrinth, she managed to find herself living in an apartment deemed perfect for a bohemian writer.

Be inspired

I highly recommend reading these books, even if you are not considering the idea of moving abroad. She is so easy to read, like a friend who writes long prosed letters of her adventures and struggles. In the end, you will wish she was your friend. If anything, her books will make you believe it’s never too late to change direction in your life (without being cheesy at all). At any junction in life you find yourself stuck in, these are the books for you. Read them and be utterly inspired.

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