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How to Kill Your Family

By Bella Mackie.

Mild spoilers

Grace Bernard is a young woman, who has spent a long time dreaming of murdering her family members. When the time comes, she executes her plans meticulously. Grace is an open book and gladly shares her reasons to off her family members to her readers.

As the narrator of this story, Grace quickly commands attention through her immediate confession and vivid storytelling. It is perhaps through this transparency, you could find yourself sympathising with her. And even though she shows no remorse for her crimes, you might end up rooting for her.

Putting aside her murdery appetite, Grace is quite likeable. There are moments when Grace comes across as relatable to her readers through a shared disdain for privileged people and social media influencers. She delivers a social commentary on the lives of her selfish family members with such scathing wit.

Despite the macabre content, it is actually a funny book. There were so many moments where I chuckled, either at Grace’s amusing one liners, or situations involving the family members (especially Lee and Bryony).

I would describe this book as an entertaining revenge story that delivers a sharp twist. Bella Mackie delivers such a strong start to finish (and oh boy that finish!), that this book is deserving of its own TV series.

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