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The Outsider

By Stephen King

TRIGGER WARNING: There is a graphic detail of sexual violence and murder of a child in the first fourteen pages of the book. I must admit, I stopped reading and picked up this book after some time had passed and I was ready to divulge back into the story.


Can a person be in two places at the same time? This is the synopsis that frames the story.

A man is arrested for a crime he claims he had never committed. But all evidence points to him. And then there are eyewitnesses too. The police detective is adamant that they have caught the right guy until the defence lawyer provides visual proof of the suspect being in another city at the time of crime. The proof is damning, and the question is, who is right. But the most important question of all is, how is this possible?

The build-up and the mystery at the beginning is good and keeps the story moving without stopping to take a break. As we get into the middle part, it slows down, and then picks up the pace towards the end.

As a King of Horror, Stephen King continues to show proof that he has an imagination so rich that he can keep inventing new stories, new twists, and new turns, to keep us glued to the pages till the very end.

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